Is NebulaGraph Good for Analytics?

Is NebulaGraph Good for Analytics?

NebulaGraph is a perfect tool for business continuity. With this database, you can process enormous quantities of data points that have trillions of interrelationships between them. You can store and process data without having to worry about errors, making it one of the best (if not the best) graph databases on the market.

In this article, we’ll analyze NebulaGraph, its advantages, and real-world usage. By the time you’re done with this post, you should be able to determine whether this is the best analytical solution for your company.

NebulaGraph history

NebulaGraph is a digital product created by Vesoft Inc. in 2018. During its early days, 2019 to be exact, the alpha version of the database was available on GitHub.

This open-source graph database made its first big commercial move in 2020 when it received a pre-A injection of funding. The company management accrued $8 million, instantly propelling the product to stardom.

After receiving the investment, it didn’t take much for Vesoft Inc. to establish itself on the market. In the end, most of its engineers come from world-renowned tech companies. Today, NebulaGraph is trusted by leading corporations worldwide across sectors such as banking, financial services, e-commerce, and telecommunications.

NebulaGraph Benefits

The first thing worth noting about NebulaGraph is that this is an open-source product. As a result, companies can easily process data while enjoying maximum performance. This makes NebulaGraph a much more reliable solution than some other graph databases on the market. In fact, many experts consider it the best big data analytics database on the market.

Due to its high availability, companies can easily scale their processes and ensure full recovery without having to deal with disruptions. As a result, using NebulaGraph is fantastic for business continuity.

On top of that, NebulaGraph uses an nGQL programmable query language. In many ways, this query language is similar to SQL but modified for graphs. In other words, it doesn’t take much for users to get accustomed to it. NebulaGraph Studio is an important part of the product, allowing you to explore graphs and combine them with data imports.

4 Common use cases

There’s little you can’t do with NebulaGraph. Due to its enormous flexibility, the solution can be used on all company levels and for different tasks. However, there are certain use cases that all businesses can benefit from:

1.     Fraud detection

Web security has become crucial for businesses all over the world. In September alone, we had 71 publicly disclosed attacks. If you also consider there were more than 4.5 billion breached records during 2023, it becomes obvious that this is a major issue for businesses.

Besides improving overall security measures, NebuleGraph excels at fraud detection. Given that financial entities are forced to analyze numerous transactions, they need solutions that can easily process large quantities of data. Specifically, they need to determine when using a certain device in combination with transactions leads to fraud.

By using NebulaGraph, their security teams can create graph scenarios that would allow financial institutions to spot fraud rings and other methods of scamming.

2.     Web recommendations

Solutions like NebulaGraph can help analyze users’ data from the web. The graph database recognizes relations between people and products, which can be used for tailoring ad campaigns. Among others, you can use data to learn more about users’ preferences and recommend articles and videos.

The technology can also be utilized for recommendation engines. All in all, these features can have a fantastic impact on user engagement, bringing more customers to your brand or boosting brand perception. Given that e-commerce now makes up 20% of entire retail shopping, it becomes obvious that NebulaGraph is vital for business efforts.

3.     Smart question-answer solutions

Through natural language processing, companies can create comprehensive knowledge graphs. The data can then be stored within the NebulaGraph, making it accessible to a large number of users. Whenever users want to ask a chatbot something, they can refer to the answers provided within the database.

4.     Social networking

Among other things, NebulaGraph can easily establish connections on social media. The technology can access information pertaining to users’ relationships and process it for friend suggestions. The same info can be utilized for job recommendations and other types of business and personal suggestions.


The great thing about NebulaGraph is that it can analyze large quantities of data and create connections between different data sets. Putting specific information in the same basket is crucial for businesses that want to discover relationships that are important to their users.

As just mentioned, this type of solution can be crucial for various marketing campaigns and can also boost companies’ profitability while ensuring high user satisfaction.

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