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Jenkins commands lines reference from jenkins using jenkins-cli.jar

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You can access various features in Jenkins through a command-line tool. See the documentation for more details of this feature. To get started, download jenkins-cli.jar, and run it as follows:

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s -webSocket help

Available Commands

add-job-to-viewAdds jobs to view.
buildBuilds a job, and optionally waits until its completion.
cancel-quiet-downCancel the effect of the “quiet-down” command.
clear-queueClears the build queue.
connect-nodeReconnect to a node(s)
consoleRetrieves console output of a build.
copy-jobCopies a job.
create-credentials-by-xmlCreate Credential by XML
create-credentials-domain-by-xmlCreate Credentials Domain by XML
create-jobCreates a new job by reading stdin as a configuration XML file.
create-nodeCreates a new node by reading stdin as a XML configuration.
create-viewCreates a new view by reading stdin as a XML configuration.
declarative-linterValidate a Jenkinsfile containing a Declarative Pipeline
delete-buildsDeletes build record(s).
delete-credentialsDelete a Credential
delete-credentials-domainDelete a Credentials Domain
delete-jobDeletes job(s).
delete-nodeDeletes node(s)
delete-viewDeletes view(s).
disable-jobDisables a job.
disable-pluginDisable one or more installed plugins.
disconnect-nodeDisconnects from a node.
enable-jobEnables a job.
enable-pluginEnables one or more installed plugins transitively.
get-credentials-as-xmlGet a Credentials as XML (secrets redacted)
get-credentials-domain-as-xmlGet a Credentials Domain as XML
get-gradleList available gradle installations
get-jobDumps the job definition XML to stdout.
get-nodeDumps the node definition XML to stdout.
get-viewDumps the view definition XML to stdout.
groovyExecutes the specified Groovy script.
groovyshRuns an interactive groovy shell.
helpLists all the available commands or a detailed description of single command.
import-credentials-as-xmlImport credentials as XML. The output of “list-credentials-as-xml” can be used as input here as is, the only needed change is to set the actual Secrets which are redacted in the output.
install-pluginInstalls a plugin either from a file, an URL, or from update center.
keep-buildMark the build to keep the build forever.
list-changesDumps the changelog for the specified build(s).
list-credentialsLists the Credentials in a specific Store
list-credentials-as-xmlExport credentials as XML. The output of this command can be used as input for “import-credentials-as-xml” as is, the only needed change is to set the actual Secrets which are redacted in the output.
list-credentials-context-resolversList Credentials Context Resolvers
list-credentials-providersList Credentials Providers
list-jobsLists all jobs in a specific view or item group.
list-pluginsOutputs a list of installed plugins.
mailReads stdin and sends that out as an e-mail.
offline-nodeStop using a node for performing builds temporarily, until the next “online-node” command.
online-nodeResume using a node for performing builds, to cancel out the earlier “offline-node” command.
quiet-downQuiet down Jenkins, in preparation for a restart. Don’t start any builds.
reload-configurationDiscard all the loaded data in memory and reload everything from file system. Useful when you modified config files directly on disk.
reload-jobReload job(s)
remove-job-from-viewRemoves jobs from view.
replay-pipelineReplay a Pipeline build with edited script taken from standard input
restartRestart Jenkins.
restart-from-stageRestart a completed Declarative Pipeline build from a given stage.
safe-restartSafely restart Jenkins.
safe-shutdownPuts Jenkins into the quiet mode, wait for existing builds to be completed, and then shut down Jenkins.
session-idOutputs the session ID, which changes every time Jenkins restarts.
set-build-descriptionSets the description of a build.
set-build-display-nameSets the displayName of a build.
set-external-build-resultSet external monitor job result.
shutdownImmediately shuts down Jenkins server.
stop-buildsStop all running builds for job(s)
update-credentials-by-xmlUpdate Credentials by XML
update-credentials-domain-by-xmlUpdate Credentials Domain by XML
update-jobUpdates the job definition XML from stdin. The opposite of the get-job command.
update-nodeUpdates the node definition XML from stdin. The opposite of the get-node command.
update-viewUpdates the view definition XML from stdin. The opposite of the get-view command.
versionOutputs the current version.
wait-node-offlineWait for a node to become offline.
wait-node-onlineWait for a node to become online.
who-am-iReports your credential and permissions.

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