Jenkins Assignment Labs and Exercise

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Please submit each assignment with print screen and step by step at www.Debug.School and share a url in Whatsapp Groups

Assignment 1: Create a Simple Jenkins Job:

Task: Set up a Jenkins job that performs a simple task, like printing “Hello, Jenkins!” as a build step. Configure it to run periodically or manually.

Assignment 2: Version Control Integration:

Task: Connect Jenkins to a version control system (e.g., Git) and configure a job to trigger a build whenever changes are pushed to a specific branch.

Assignment 3: Setup a Jenkins Job with Apache Ant Build Tool

Source Code –

Assignment 4: Setup a Jenkins Job with Apache Maven

Source Code –

Assignment 5: Setup a Jenkins Job with Batch Script

Source Code –

Assignment 6: Setup a Jenkins Job with NPM and Nexus

Source Code –

Assignment 7: Setup a Jenkins Job with DOT Net code base

Source Code –

Assignment 8: Setup a Jenkins build Pipeline with Build, Test, Package, Deploy using following code base

Source Code –

Assingment 9: Created a Jenkins Pipeline

Source Code –

Assingment 10: Parameterized Builds:

Task: Create a Jenkins job that takes input parameters (e.g., branch name, build version) and customize the build based on these parameters.

Assingment 11: Build Notifications:

Task: Configure Jenkins to send build status notifications (e.g., email, Slack) upon successful or failed builds.

Assingment 12: Pipeline as Code (Jenkinsfile):

Task: Write a Jenkinsfile to define a pipeline for building and deploying an application. Include stages for building, testing, and deploying to a test environment.

Assingment 13: Docker Integration:

Task: Set up a Jenkins job that builds a Docker image for an application, pushes it to a container registry, and deploys it to a Docker host.

Assingment 14: Automated Testing:

Task: Integrate automated testing into your Jenkins pipeline using testing frameworks like JUnit or Selenium. Ensure that the build fails if tests fail.

Assingment 15: Deployment to Production:

Task: Extend your Jenkins pipeline to include a stage for deploying the application to a production environment. Implement proper approval mechanisms.

Assingment 16: Security and Authorization:

Task: Configure Jenkins with role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict who can create and execute jobs. Implement security best practices.

Assingment 17: Backup and Restore:

Task: Set up a mechanism to regularly back up Jenkins configurations and jobs. Practice restoring Jenkins from a backup in case of failure.

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