Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answer Part – 3

  1. What is Kubernetes?
  2. What are Kubernetes Components?
  3. What is etcd?
  4. What is master & minion?
  5. How to make quorum of cluster?
  6. What is Replication controller & what it does?
  7. What is ingress?
  8. Difference between Kubernetes & Docker Swarm?
  9. How can you rollbck the previous version of application in Kuberntes?
  10. How does that deployment happens into containers/POD automatically?
  11. How does container know that application is getting failure?
  12. Difference between nodeport, clusterIP, load balancer & ingress?
  13. What is kubectl & kubelet?
  14. What is the use of Kube-controller manager?
  15. What is pod?
  16. How many containers can run in a pod?
  17. How many containers can be launched in a node?
  18. What is the role of Kube-Scheduler?
  19. How the 2 pods communicate with each other?
  20. How 2 containers inside a pod communicate with each other?
  21. What is Flannel & why we use it?
  22. Difference between Flannel & Calico?
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