Kubernetes Tutorials: How to modify CHANGE-CAUSE in Deployment revision

To modify CHANGE-CAUSE, you can use the following methods:

1. kubectl annotate

$ kubectl annotate deployment/my-dep kubernetes.io/change-cause="my change cause"

This will add or update the kubernetes.io/change-cause annotation on the my-dep deployment.

2. kubectl edit

$ kubectl edit deployment/my-dep

This will open the deployment manifest in a text editor. You can then edit the kubernetes.io/change-cause annotation and save the file.

3. Update the deployment manifest

You can manually edit the deployment manifest to add or update the kubernetes.io/change-cause annotation.

Once you have modified the CHANGE-CAUSE, you can check the rollout history to see the updated change cause:

$ kubectl rollout history deploy/my-dep

Here is an example of a rollout history with a modified CHANGE-CAUSE:

3         <none>
4         <none>
5         my change cause

Note: The CHANGE-CAUSE annotation is copied to the deployment revisions upon creation. So, if you modify the CHANGE-CAUSE annotation on the deployment, the change will be reflected in the existing revisions as well.
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