List of 100 SRE tools in 2023

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Monitoring & Observability

  • Prometheus (Monitoring)
  • Grafana (Monitoring)
  • Nagios (Monitoring)
  • Datadog (Monitoring)
  • New Relic (Monitoring)
  • Zabbix (Monitoring)
  • Sensu (Monitoring)
  • Icinga (Monitoring)
  • ELK Stack (Monitoring)
  • Splunk (Monitoring)
  • Sysdig (Monitoring)
  • Graylog (Monitoring)
  • Pingdom (Monitoring)
  • Jaeger (Observability)
  • Zipkin (Observability)
  • OpenTelemetry (Observability)
  • Honeycomb (Observability)
  • Dynatrace (Observability)
  • AppDynamics (Application Performance Monitoring)
  • Dynatrace (Application Performance Monitoring)
  • AWS CloudWatch (Monitoring and Logging for AWS)
  • Azure Monitor (Monitoring and Diagnostics for Azure)
  • Google Cloud Monitoring (Monitoring for GCP)

Error Monitoring

  • Sentry (Error Monitoring)
  • Rollbar (Error Monitoring)
  • Airbrake (Error Monitoring)
  • Raygun (Error Monitoring)
  • Bugsnag (Error Monitoring)

Incident Management

  • PagerDuty (Incident Management)
  • VictorOps (Incident Management)
  • OpsGenie (Incident Management)
  • ServiceNow (Incident Management)
  • Jira Service Management (Incident Management)

Infrastructure as Code

  • Terraform (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Ansible (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Puppet (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Chef (Infrastructure as Code)
  • SaltStack (Infrastructure as Code)
  • SaltStack (Configuration Management and Automation)
  • Puppet Bolt (Task Runner and Orchestration)

Container Orchestration

  • Kubernetes (Container Orchestration)
  • Docker (Containerization)
    Helm (Package Manager for Kubernetes)

Infrastructure as Code

  • AWS CloudFormation (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Google Cloud Deployment Manager (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Azure Resource Manager (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Terraform (Infrastructure as Code)

Version Control and CI/CD

  • GitLab (Version Control and CI/CD)
  • Jenkins (CI/CD)
  • CircleCI (CI/CD)
  • Travis CI (CI/CD)
  • TeamCity (CI/CD)
  • Spinnaker (Continuous Delivery)
  • Github


  • Vault (Secret Management)
  • Consul (Service Discovery and Configuration)
  • Etcd (Distributed Key-Value Store)
  • Kafka (Distributed Streaming Platform)
  • Packer (Automated Machine Image Building)
  • Vagrant (Development Environment Provisioning)
  • Nagios Log Server (Log Management)
  • Logstash (Log Collection and Processing)
  • Fluentd (Log Collection and Aggregation)
  • Papertrail (Cloud-based Log Management)
  • Sumo Logic (Log Analytics and Management)
  • ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers)
  • Stackdriver (Monitoring and Logging for GCP)
  • Netdata (Real-time Infrastructure Monitoring)
  • Scout (Server Monitoring)
  • Sentry (Error Tracking and Monitoring)
  • Raygun (Error Monitoring and Crash Reporting)
  • Pingometer (Website and Server Monitoring)
  • Uptime Robot (Website and Server Monitoring)
  • Monit (System Monitoring and Recovery)
  • Sensu Go (Monitoring and Alerting)
  • PagerTree (Incident Management and Escalation)
  • VictorOps (Incident Management and Collaboration)
  • AlertOps (Incident Response and Management)
  • OpsGenie (Alerting and On-Call Management)
  • Cloudflare (CDN and DDoS Protection)
  • Terraform Cloud (Collaborative Infrastructure as Code)
  • Pulumi (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Habitat (Application Automation)
  • (Automated Machine Image Building)
  • Jenkins X (Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes)
  • Argo CD (GitOps Continuous Delivery)
  • Argo Rollouts (Progressive Delivery for Kubernetes)
  • Istio (Service Mesh)
  • Consul Connect (Service Mesh)
  • Linkerd (Service Mesh)
  • Kiali (Service Mesh Observability)
  • Keycloak (Identity and Access Management)
  • Vault (Secrets Management and Encryption)
  • StackStorm (Event-Driven Automation)
  • Rundeck (Job Scheduling and Runbook Automation)
  • Jenkins Pipeline (Scripted and Declarative Pipelines)
  • Drone CI (Continuous Integration and Deployment)
  • Bamboo (Continuous Integration and Deployment)
  • Argo Workflows (Workflow Automation)
  • Elastic Stack (Log Analysis and Visualization)
  • InfluxDB (Time Series Database)
  • Graylog (Log Management and Analysis)
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