Localization in InstallAnywhere

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Localization in InstallAnywhere

InstallAnywhere’s Enterprise edition allows developers to build installers for up to 29
different languages. The Standard edition enables developers to build for up to 9
languages. To generate multi-language installers, click the Project | Locales task in the
Advanced Designer, and use the check boxes to select the appropriate languages.
When an installer project is first built, a folder called locales is created
in the same directory as the project file. For each locale selected in the Advanced
Designer there will be a file in this locales folder. The locale files are
generated as custom_, so for English which has a locale code of en, the
name of the locale file will be custom_en. These files contain keys and values for all of
the dynamic strings in the project. The keys are generated by the name of the action,
with a unique value to represent the unique instance of the action, and an additional
parameter to signify which dynamic value of the action is being referenced. For
InstallSet.9733839b90f6.description= The most common application features will
be installed.
This option is recommended for most users. The ProjectLocalizationInfo.txt file
contains the mapping between the actions in the project and their keys in the locale
files. Review the ProjectLocalizationInfo.txt file for any questions as to which action
the key refers to.

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