svn move (mv) — Move/Rename a file or directory

svn move (mv) — Move/Rename a file or directory

This command moves files or directories in your working copy or in the repository.

Subversion does not support moving between working copies and URLs. In addition, you can only move files within a single repository—Subversion does not support cross-repository moving. Subversion supports the following types of moves within a single repository:

SVN move using Tortoise SVN

To move a file or set of files using Tortoise SVN, right-click-and-drag the target files to their destination and release the right mouse button. The popup menu will have a SVN move versioned files here option.

Note that the destination folder must have already been added to the repository for the SVN move versioned files here option to appear.

If you want to do a simple in-place rename of a file or folder, use Context Menu → Rename… Enter the new name for the item and you’re done.

If you want to move files around inside your working copy, perhaps to a different sub-folder, use the right mouse drag-and-drop handler:

  • select the files or directories you want to move
  • right drag them to the new location inside the working copy
  • release the right mouse button
  • in the popup menu select Context Menu → SVN Move versioned files here

svn move command examples

Move a file in your working copy:

$ svn move foo.c bar.c
A         bar.c
D         foo.c
Move several files in your working copy into a subdirectory:

$ svn move baz.c bat.c qux.c src
A         src/baz.c
D         baz.c
A         src/bat.c
D         bat.c
A         src/qux.c
D         qux.c
Move a file in the repository (this is an immediate commit, so it requires a commit message):

$ svn move -m "Move a file" \

Committed revision 27.

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8 months ago

will it reserve the history ?

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