Opened files issues in perforce

rajeshkumar created the topic: Opened files issues in perforce
I am having one issues in perforce…Any help

User name “ram” has created client name “client1” in one hostmachine. Next day username “ramesh” has used same client name in same host machine and opened few files using his own ids.

The problem with Perforce Admin is: Admin should delete all the opened files open by ramesh in same client and hostname.

Admin should not delete any user account and re-create it
Admin can not delete client as files are opened n deletion would not be allowed
Ramesh is not available / not his machine / not his client / for reverting their own files

Last options, reverting opened file from admin.

I tried to revert back by admin user by using following command but it says its opened by ramesh
> p4 revert -c 164680 *

Any other solution where admin can revert these opened files
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