Pin to Taskbar not working

InstallerGeek created the topic: Pin to Taskbar not working
Hi all,

Try as I might, I can’t seem to get either “pin to start menu” or “pin to taskbar” to work. I have tried installing on a few systems, one XP and two Windows 7 Premium machines, and none are pinning anywhere. Below is my code. Presumably it’s the 0|X7 line that contains the options.

Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\Helpdesk to $TARGETDIR$\Helpdesk.exe, Pin to Start Menu, Pin to Taskbar

~InstallAware Clipboard Data~
~Create Shortcut~

Any suggestions appreciated.

msiexpert replied the topic: Re: Pin to Taskbar not working
First report we’ve had of this since release, its been three quarters without incident on this item Smile

I’m quite curious, can you right-click on the shortcut you create to the application, and check if it offers a “pin to” menu item in Windows itself?

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