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Puppet Interview Questions and Answer Part – 2

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Where is the Puppet configuration file stored?

  • /etc/puppet/puppet.conf (Ans)
  • /var/lib/puppet/puppet.conf
  • /usr/share/puppet/puppetmaster.conf

Puppet can manage all of following operating systems except…

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • None of these. Puppet can manage all of them. (Ans)

Which is true about resource parameters/attributes?

  • They are variable declarations
  • They are attribute/value pairs separated by a colon
  • They are attribute/value pairs separated by a “fat comma” (=>) (Ans)

In the Roles & Profiles pattern, what is a profile?

  • A non-technical description of what a server does or what its purpose is
  • An abstraction that contains specifics about a server’s packages and other settings
  • A technical description of a server’s packages, files, services, and other settings (Ans)

In a resource declaration, attributes with a boolean (true/false) value must…

  • be in single quotes
  • be in double quotes
  • not be in any quotes (Ans)

Which of the following is the beginning of a valid node definition?

  • define node “server7”: {
  • { node ‘server7’:
  • node ‘server7’ { (Ans)

After installing the Puppet server for the first time, what command should be used to generate SSL certificates?

  • sudo puppet master –verbose –no-daemonize (Ans)
  • sudo puppet –verbose –no-daemonize
  • sudo puppet master –generate –no-daemonize

You’ve modified the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file. What command will ensure your changes take effect?

  • sudo iptables reload
  • sudo service iptables stop
  • sudo chkconfig iptables on
  • sudo service iptables restart (Ans)

What are some disadvantages of using scripts?

  • They’re not powerful enough for configuration management
  • They’re inherently complex (Ans)
  • They’re declarative instead of procedural

Given a selector variable named $ntppackage, which would be a valid resource declaration that makes use of this variable?

  • package { $ntppackage: ensure => ‘installed’, } (Ans)
  • package { “$ntppackage”: ensure => true, }
  • package { ‘$ntppackage’: ensure => ‘installed’, }

When creating a new role, why do you not create the init.pp manifest?

  • You never use sub-classes.
  • You never use the role class directly. (Ans)
  • The init.pp is for modules.

The configuration history can be viewed by Node, Class, and which other object?

  • Module
  • Resource (Ans)
  • Agent

On which port does the Puppet Fileserver run as standard?

  • 8080
  • 443
  • 80
  • 8140 (Ans)

With which command can you locate the hiera.yaml file that is in use?

  • puppet config print hiera_yaml
  • puppet config print hiera_config
  • puppet config print hiera (Ans)

How can you install a module from the Puppet Forge?

  • sudo install puppet module
  • sudo puppet install module
  • sudo puppet module install (Ans)

How many nodes can be used without charge with Puppet Enterprise?

  • 15
  • 5
  • 50
  • 10 (Ans)

Which product includes the web dashboard?

  • Puppet DB
  • Puppet Agent
  • Puppet Enterprise (Ans)
  • Puppet Server

Why must time be accurate before installing Puppet Enterprise or Server?

  • The Server hosts a web front-end
  • The Server acts as Certifcate Authority (Ans)
  • This is required by the Puppet-Agent
  • The Server hosts a database

Which default user account is created for the web dashboard during the installation?

  • root
  • administrator
  • webmin
  • admin (Ans)

Which node in the Dashboard can show you groups of agents?

  • Groups
  • Classification (Ans)
  • Inventory
  • Access Control
Rajesh Kumar