Puppet Module Lab & Excercise – Part 1

Puppet Module Lab & Excercise – Part 1 Write a puppet module to setup a webserver(httpd) only in RHEL and…

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Puppet Program Lab & Excercise – Part 2

Puppet Program Lab & Excercise – Part 1 Write a puppet Program to install package “git”, “ntp” and wget in…

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Puppet Program Lab & Excercise – Part 1

Puppet Program Lab & Excercise – Part 1 Write a Puppet Program to create a file named with “file.txt” in…

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Puppet Training in Bangalore

For Puppet Training in bangalore, Pleae watch this space or email to info@scmgalaxy.com for more info. Training Agenda – Click Here Training Schedule – Click…

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Software Configuration Management Tools

SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT CONTROL TOOLS Software Configuration Management Tools Blog Welcome to the Software Configuration Management Tools Discussion Blog. Featured…

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Top Questions on Server Configuration Management Tools Chef, Puppet, and Ansible

  Source – http://hub.scalr.com/blog/top-questions-on-server-configuration-management-tools-chef-puppet-and-ansible-2 As a quick recap, configuration management tools enable companies to standardize and automate their infrastructure. Through…

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Top 10 Scripting Languages in DevOps | List of Best Scripting Languages

This is the time of DevOps in software industry and DevOps uses different different languages for deployment automation and for…

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Top 10 DevOps Tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers | scmGalaxy

DevOps is an important component for software industry today. Developing and implementing a DevOps culture helps to focus IT results…

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How to Setup Puppet Learning VM – Complete Process/Guide

Download the VM(Zip File here) https://pe-education-vms.s3.amazonaws.com/learning/learning_puppet_vm.zip   Minimum requirements Internet-enabled Windows, OS X, or Linux computer with 10GB free space…

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Puppet Training | Puppet Course | Agenda | scmGalaxy

The basic course program is outlined here The Basics Introduction To Configuration Management About The Author Why Puppet? How To…

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Top 5 Configuration Management Tools

Top 5 Configuration Management Tools Puppet In computing, Puppet is an open-source configuration management utility. It runs on many Unix-like…

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Puppet Training for Devops and System Administrators | Puppet Course

Puppet Training for DevOps and System Administrators Agenda – Introduction to Puppet Installing and Configuring the Puppet Master Installing and…

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