Puppet Interview Questions and Answer Part – 3

To which parameter do you assign PHP.INI configurations when declaring the mayflower-php class?

  • settings (Ans)
  • config
  • ini
  • php

When dealing with a large number of ephemeral nodes that consume licenses, how would you remove those nodes from Puppet Enterprise?

  • Delete the node
  • Purge the node (Ans)
  • Erase the node

Under which node in the dashboard can you run the puppet agent remotely on an agent system?

  • Nodes (Ans)
  • Configuration
  • Orchestrator
  • Access Control

Consider the following site.pp:
File { backup => false }
node ‘centos7’ { include motd }
Which nodes can make use of this file?

  • All nodes
  • CentOS 7 and any node with a file resource
  • CentOS 7 only (Ans)

Which is the default fall-back file if no match is found in the defined hierachy?

  • shared
  • common (Ans)
  • hiera
  • data

What is the minimum required RAM for Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Server?

  • 16GB
  • 2GB
  • 8GB
  • 4GB (Ans)

Which agents packages are available on the Puppet Enterprise Server by default?

  • The matching package to the Server Platform (Ans)
  • Ubuntu and Red Hat packages
  • All Red Hat packages
  • SUSE and Red Hat Packages

Which command can be used to set the hostname on systemd based Linux distributions?

  • hostnamed
  • hostnamectl (Ans)
  • host

What port is used by the web-based installer?

  • 8120
  • 443
  • 3000 (Ans)
  • 8080

In the Dashboard, what type of Puppet code to be assign to agent groups?

  • Manifests
  • Modules
  • Classes (Ans)
  • Resources

What do you need to select first before you can run the Puppet agent remotely?

  • The Node from Configuration
  • The Node from Inventory (Ans)
  • The Node from Classification

Which keyword should be used when declaring classes within roles?

  • declare
  • include (Ans)
  • class
  • define

On which device or devices do you install puppet modules when using the Puppet Enterprise?

  • Server and Agents
  • All Nodes
  • Puppet Server (Ans)
  • CentOS Nodes
  • Ubuntu Nodes

How can you include all nodes from the example.com domain only in a node definition?

  • node /example.com$/ (Ans)
  • node /example.com/
  • node /example.com/
  • node example.com

Which key is used to locate the directory in which backend files are located?

  • json
  • datadir (Ans)
  • yaml
  • hierarchy

Where in the Dashboard do you find node groups?

  • Inventory > Groups
  • Inventory > Classification
  • Nodes > Groups
  • Nodes > Classification (Ans)

Which manifest file is used to assign work by default to nodes on the Puppet Server?

  • site.pp (Ans)
  • resource.pp
  • global.pp
  • hiera.yaml

In the /etc/hosts file what is the format of each entry?


Which Linux command can be used to read the installation script for the Puppet Agent?

  • wget
  • curl (Ans)
  • put
  • ftp

Which role may be useful for auditors of Puppet?

  • View-only
  • Read-only
  • Viewers (Ans)
  • Audit
  • Operators
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