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scmuser created the topic: rsync in perforce
I have to replicate my perforce server to remot location.. I am trying somthing different this time of not using p4 prox but rsync

i can setup a rsync to sync all filesystem from one perforce server instance to another perforce server but how to replicate metadata which will be autosync with each other n enable the p4 operation at both end and sync each other?

rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: rsync in perforce
There is no way to keep two seperate Perforce systems in sync with each other by merging changes in both directions automatically.

Perforce 2010.2 does includes replication for creating read-only or warm standby servers:…/10_replication.html

However this is one way replication from main Perforce server to replica. If users at the replica site wanted to make changes they would still need to connect to the main Perforce server.

Perforce also provide remote depots. They do have some limitations and a performance overhead so it is recomended that they are mainly used to import code from one Perforce server to another and not as a gateway through which most developers work. This is discussed in:
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