Script for time stamp update.

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write a batch Script for time stamp update?

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[code language=”css”]
tfile=cat data.txt |wc -l


for (( i = 2 ; i <= tfile ; i++ ))

mfile=cat $data |head -$i|tail -1|tr -s " " " " |cut -f8 -d" "
mdate=grep -i $mfile $data|tr -s " " " "|cut -f6,7 -d" "
myy=echo $mdate |cut -b 1-4
mon=echo $mdate |cut -b 6-7
mdd=echo $mdate |cut -b 9-10
mhh=echo $mdate |cut -b 12-13
mmin=echo $mdate |cut -b 15-16
mresult=echo $myy$mon$mdd$mhh$mmin
touch -t $mresult $mfile


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