Automatic merge SVN branch

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Method 1

Yes , it is possible , and there is an open source project that does it!

check out

we are constantly working with it and it saves so much time and helps avoiding all those missed merges bugs.

Method 2

Run these commands at the root of a working copy of tests-passed whenever you have determined that a new trunk revision has passed the tests:

svn update
svn merge -r 0:<somerev>
svn commit -m "merged trunk revisions up to <somerev> into tests-passed"

Whenever you use the merge command, SVN will record the merges in the svn:mergeinfo property. So the above command should automatically determine which revisions in the range 0: are eligible for merging, excluding any merges that have already been done.

Like you said in a comment, conflicts are not expected. But sometimes I’ve seen unexpected conflicts occur anyway when merging a range of SVN revisions containing renames. To get rid of these conflicts, you can use the –accept theirs-full option with the merge command to always accept the trunk state.

Method 3

  • If you merge from trunk to branch (in branch’s WC) order of parameters in mergeinfo is incorrect (reversed): shortened correct form have to be svn mergeinfo –show-revs eligible trunk (first parameter is SOURCE of merge, second – TARGET /default “.”/, i.e your WC)
  • If you use Subversion, which has already support for mergeinfo, you can skip detecting range of “have to be merged” revisions – Subversion do it automagically on merge
  • If you want in case of conflict always prefer changes from trunk, you can add it to merge command. As final result, your periodical sync-merge process will be single command inside WC of branch
svn merge <URL-OF-TRUNK> --accept "theirs-conflict"
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