What is Azure Backup?

The Azure Backup is an Azure-based service that you can use to back up and restore your data in the Microsoft cloud. The Azure Backup is a consistent, safe, and…

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How to Move a Live WordPress Site to Local Server

Why we are discussing on this topic because we are here to tell you when any developer of WordPress wants to test new themes, plugins, or another development testing. then…

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Understading Octopus Deploy Backup and restore process

Your Master Key When an Octopus Server is installed, we generate a special key used for encryption, called the master key. The master key is then encrypted asymmetrically, using DPAPI,…

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How to backup and restore Gerrit server?

How to backup and restore gerrit server? There are 3 coponent which should be backed up in gerrit Repository – According to me best way to backup the repository is…

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How to Backup Perforce Server

How to Backup Perforce Server Regular backups of your Perforce data are vital. The key concepts are: Make sure journaling is active Create checkpoints regularly, and Use p4 verify regularly…

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SonarQube Upgrade, Backup and Restore Process | SonarQube Tutorial

SonarQube Upgrade, Backup and Restore Process

Today I will share the steps to upgrade from the SonarQube version 5.X to SonarQube version 6.X. We have upgrade guide which can be found http://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Upgrading but its not complete guide thus I am sharing the steps as follows which can be followed for the production server as well.  As practice shared on the oficial guide that before upgrading to the next major release, you must upgrade to know LTS e.g

Jenkins Backup and Restore Process | Jenkins Tutorial

Jenkins Backup and Restore using ThinBackup Plugins OLD METHODS as follow: How Do I Backup Jenkins Jobs using Grunt? Backup Jenkins configuration to S3 bash-backup-script for jenkins‘ job-configs via user-crontab…

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Perforce backup commands | Perforce backup method

There are several commands and arguments that allow more complex operations. (A command line flag “-z” tells Perforce to use compre ssion.) The commands are as follows: p4d -jc [-z]…

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