Top 50 Sonatype Nexus interview questions and answers

General Knowledge: Installation and Configuration: Artifact Management: Security and Access Control: Integration and Automation: Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Best Practices and Optimization: Sonatype Nexus is a repository manager that organizes, stores,…

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How to buy Reserved Instance and verify if Reserved Instances are being used in AWS?

This article give 2 most important information about Reserved Instance. How to buy Reserved Instance in aws? Verify if Reserved Instances are being used? How do I buy Reserved Instances…

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Limitations of volumes you can attach to one aws ec2 instance?

Linux-Specific Volume Limits – 40 volumes Windows-Specific Volume Limits – AWS PV – 26 Citrix PV – 26 Red Hat PV – 17 Instance Type Limits C5, C5d, M5, M5a,…

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What is the difference between terminating and stopping an EC2 instance?

Answer Terminate Instance When you terminate an EC2 instance, the instance will be shutdown and the virtual machine that was provisioned for you will be permanently taken away and you…

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