Minikube Installation On EC2

Kubernets’s is a demanding technology and needs lots of hands on and through practise to master it. Luckily we have tools to bootstrap single node cluster on kubernete’s where we…

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DevOps Training Online – Class Recordings – March 2020

Dear Participants, Here are the consolidated URLs of DevOps training videos/class recordings/tutorials. AWS Video Tutorial – March 2020 Docker Video Tutorial – March 2020 Sonarqube Video Tutorial – March 2020…

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ASG – Auto Scaling Group, Scaling Processes Explained

AWS Auto scaling group (ASG) comes into the picture when we want to have a declarative control and fault tolerant over the infrastructure. By declarative It meant describing how many…

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EFS Demo – Working with EFS with EC2 instance

Before demo lets first discuss why another storage solution when we already have S3 i.e Simple Storage Service and EBS i.e Elastic Block Store. What EFS i.e Elastic File System…

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EC2 – EBS Volume Demo:

In this tutorial we are going to Explore and setup extra volume to EC2 instance Step 1 – Login to AWS console, launch EC2 launch wizard page. Step 2 –…

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CloudFormation EC2 Mapping Parameters AllowedValues Example Program

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CloudFormation EC2 Volume ebs elasticip Example Program

Creating a security group Creating an EC2 instance Increased root volume on the EC2 instance Attaching an externally created EBS volume Attached Elastic IP to the instance

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CloudFormation EC2 Sample Example Program

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Prevent direct download of photos/video files from amazon s3

You can restrict access based on the HTTP referrer. It’s not bulletproof (Referrer can be spoofed) but it will stop casual downloads. Suppose you have a website with domain name…

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Understanding about Amazon EC2 Key Pairs

Amazon EC2 uses public–key cryptography to encrypt and decrypt login information. Amazon EC2 stores the public key only, and you store the private key. The public and private keys are…

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What is EKS and How EKS can help you?

In simple line, Amazon EKS is generally available, bringing fully-managed Kubernetes to AWS. Amazon launched Amazon EKS in November at its re:Invent 2017 conference. Till the time this article is…

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Getting Started with Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

We’ve put together a list of resources that we think will be useful to you, as you familiarize yourself with Amazon SQS and get started working with it. Introductory Topics…

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What is the difference between terminating and stopping an EC2 instance?

Answer Terminate Instance When you terminate an EC2 instance, the instance will be shutdown and the virtual machine that was provisioned for you will be permanently taken away and you…

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What’s the difference between ephemeral and volume boot disks?

Different boot sources There are several different kinds of sources to boot from in the DreamCompute dashboard, but they all need to create some sort of virtual disk for the…

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Powerful New Amazon EC2 Boot Features – Introduction

Today a powerful new feature is available for our Amazon EC2 customers: the ability to boot their instances from Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store). Customers like the simplicity of the…

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How to Run/Deploy Java EE applications on Amazon EC2?

Running Java EE applications on Amazon EC2: deploying to 20 machines with no money down Computer hardware has traditionally been a scarce, expensive resource. In the early days of computing…

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EC2Deploy and the Cloud Tools Maven plugin are now available

I’m pleased to announce that EC2Deploy – a Groovy-based framework for deploying Java EE applications to Amazon EC2 – is now available as part of the Cloud Tools open source…

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Cloud Tools now supports Amazon Elastic Block Store

One of the exciting new features of Amazon EC2 is Elastic Block Store, which provides truly durable storage for your instances. Prior to EBS, the contents of the file system…

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Amazon EC2 key pairs and other stumbling blocks – Guide

While working with Cloud Tools and Cloud Foundry users, I have noticed that EC2 key pairs and security group configuration are common stumbling blocks for people who are new to…

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Deployment Foundation Issues

Deployment Foundation Issues Establish Key Roles/Charter for Deployment The very first order of business is to firmly establish “who’s on first” for getting deployment done. Senior management is crucial at…

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