Complete IOS App Developer Certification Guide & tutorials

What is IOS App Developer? An iOS developer is accountable for developing applications for mobile devices powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. perfectly, a good iOS developer is skilled with…

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Vagrant Installation & Configuration

Step 1 – Download Vagrant URL – Step 2 – Install Vagarnt in Windows Step 3 – Verify Vagrant Step 4 – Basic Workflow in Vagrant

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Top 50 Helm interview questions and answers

1) What is Helm? Helm Charts assist you in defining, installing, and upgrading even the most complicated Kubernetes application. … Helm is a CNCF-graduated project that is supported by the…

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What is the operating system? why need to know?

What is Operating? The operating system is information exchange between users and computers hardware to memory processes as well as software hardware and the applications. An Operating system framework oversees…

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Windows XP/2000 Commands & Tools | Windows XP Command-line Reference

Here’s the ultimate Windows XP/2000 command list that will make any Linux user feel at home at the command prompt. A lot of these commands are intended for administrating a…

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