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Password Hashing in PHP

Functions for hashing password password_hash() password_verify() password_hash() – Syntax: string $password – Password provide by user integer $algo – Password algorithm constant(PASSWORD_DEFAULT and PASSWORD_BCRYPT) PASSWORD_DEFAULT – uses the BCrypt algorithm to create the hash PASSWORD_BCRYPT – uses the CRYPT_BLOWFISH algorithm and will return a 60 character string $options – $options have two indexes.One is cost… Read More »

How to access Ansible remote machine using SSH user and key?

How to access Ansible remote machine using SSH user and key? There are following ways, you can autheticte linux remote server using Ansible. Method 1 – Password Less authentication SSH Passwordless Login Using SSH Keygen in 5 Easy Steps If You want to automate this process using Ansible in mutiple machine, follow this https://everythingshouldbevirtual.com/ansible-ssh-key-distribution-for-password-less-ssh/ Method… Read More »

Access gitlab Password Less in Windows

Step 1- Generate a public/private key using puttygen Download a puttygen from  and generate a public key and private key by following below image. Click on Conversions à Export OpenSSH Key à  and save it to % USERPROFILE %\.ssh with file name “id_rsa” Copy the public key from puttygen window and save into gitlab.  … Read More »