Top 50 Puppet interview questions and answers

1) Why is the puppet important? Ans: Puppet develops and increases the social, emotional and communication skills of the children. 2) What are the works and uses of puppets? Ans:…

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Learning and Training

Description: TITLE DevOps Courses and Training Shell Scripting (Bash) Training MSBUILD Training Subversion user and administration training Grunt Courses and Training Gradle Training Puppet Training for Devops and System Administrators…

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Puppet Training in Bangalore

For Puppet Training in bangalore, Pleae watch this space or email to for more info. Training Agenda – Click Here Training Schedule – Click Here

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Puppet Training | Puppet Course | Agenda | scmGalaxy

The basic course program is outlined here The Basics Introduction To Configuration Management About The Author Why Puppet? How To Access Your Working Files The Puppet Infrastructure uppet Agents Puppet…

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Puppet Training for Devops and System Administrators | Puppet Course

Puppet Training for DevOps and System Administrators Agenda – Introduction to Puppet Installing and Configuring the Puppet Master Installing and Configuring the Puppet Agent Creating Manifests Creating and Using Modules…

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