How to Trigger builds remotely in Jenkins? | Jenkins Tutorials

  How to Trigger builds remotely in Jenkins?   1. Create a user – You need to create a user in jenkins using you would like to trigger a jenkins…

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Helix Server Perforce Trigger Quick Start Guide

What is Perforce Trigger? Helix Server supports triggers which are user-written programs or scripts that are called when certain operations are performed. Examples of operations that might fire a trigger…

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Helix Core Trigger script type Reference Guide

Each line in the trigger table has four fields.   Field Meaning name The user-defined name of the trigger. A run of the same trigger name on contiguous lines is…

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Helix Core Trigger script variables Reference Guide

Use the following variables in the command field to pass data to a trigger script:   Argument Description Available for type %action% Either null or a string reflecting an action taken to a…

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Profiles in Maven – How to Build Maven Profile ?

Reference: Apache Maven,Current version User Guide Profiles in Maven  Use of profile: Maven 2.0 goes to great lengths to ensure that builds are portable. Among other things, this means allowing…

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How to Write Trigger in Perforce? – Perforce Triggers Guide

1 Introduction Perforce introduced the first server-side trigger in release 99.1 with the pre-submit trigger. This trigger satisfied a long-standing desire in the user community, but demand continued for more…

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