Top 50 Jenkin pipeline interview questions and answers

1) How to fix a broken build for your project in Jenkins and how to make sure project build doesn’t break in Jenkins at all? The user needs to open…

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Top 50 Django interview questions and answers

1) Django design pattern? Django follows MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller), also referred to as MTV (Model-Template-View). Model – describes database schemaViews – Controls what user can view. It retrieves data from…

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What is PHP? and How PHP works?

What is PHP? We can say that PHP is an open source programming and server scripting language that is particularly well adapted to Create Static web pages or Dynamic web…

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Refresher on RESTful Services.

Let’s have a look at the structure a RESTful service generally has, or how it works. Here we have, well, parts of a RESTful service. We’ve got some API endpoints,…

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What are microservices really all about? – Microservices Basics Story.

Web applications have been growing very very incredibly very complicated over time the first web applications from the past did very simplerudimentary things I don’t know like to tell you…

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EC2Deploy and the Cloud Tools Maven plugin are now available

I’m pleased to announce that EC2Deploy – a Groovy-based framework for deploying Java EE applications to Amazon EC2 – is now available as part of the Cloud Tools open source…

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