Terraform Tutorials: How to comments in terraform code?

Terraform code supports three different syntaxes for comments:

  • Single-line comments:
    • # begins a single-line comment, ending at the end of the line.
    • // also begins a single-line comment, as an alternative to #.
  • Multi-line comments:
    • /* and */ are start and end delimiters for a comment that might span over multiple lines.

Comments can be placed anywhere in a Terraform configuration file, but they are typically placed at the beginning of a file or before a specific resource. Comments can be used to:

  • Document your Terraform code and explain what it does.
  • Make your Terraform code more readable and easier to understand.
  • Disable or uncomment sections of your Terraform code.

Here are some examples of comments in Terraform code:

# This is a single-line comment.

// This is also a single-line comment.

This is a multi-line comment.

variable "instance_type" {
  type = string
  description = "The type of EC2 instance to launch."
  default = "t2.micro"

resource "aws_instance" "example" {
  ami = "ami-06984b521991bb600"
  instance_type = var.instance_type

  tags = {
    Name = "My Example Instance"


  • # starts a single-line comment, which ends at the end of the line.
  • // also starts a single-line comment, as an alternative to #.
  • /* starts a multi-line comment, and */ ends it.

The single-line comments in the example are used to document the purpose of the variable and resource blocks. The multi-line comment is used to document the tags that will be applied to the EC2 instance.

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