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Terraform Tutorials: Variables Complete Reference

In Terraform, there are several types of variables that you can define, including:

  1. String: A sequence of characters. Example: “hello”.
  2. Number: A numeric value. Example: 42.
  3. Boolean: A logical value that is either true or false.
  4. List: A sequence of values of the same type. Example: [ “apples”, “oranges”, “bananas” ].
  5. Map: A collection of key-value pairs, where the keys and values can be of any type. Example: { “name” = “John”, “age” = 30 }.
  6. Object: A complex data type that can contain multiple attributes. Example: { name = “John”, age = 30, address = { street = “123 Main St”, city = “Anytown”, state = “CA” } }.
  7. Tuple: A sequence of values of different types. Example: [ “John”, 30, true ].

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