Top 15 Free Blogging Websites for Content Promotion

Hello Friends, Here are my Top 15 Worlds Best Free Blogging Platform for Free Blog posting for SEO and Brand Promotions. You can post your blogs here based on guest post approval. you can send an email to admin and request for guest login. is a global leading platform for software engineering and information technology where engineers, trainers and companies connect together and learn nad provide services for each other. Thus, if you are a software engineer or software company, its a platform for you. is a portal where you can find latest updates/events/news about DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Software Engineering etc. is a leading consulting firm who provides consulting to various software organizations. You can finds lots of tutorials and learning reference for information technology.

This is a single windows platform for students providing blogs, tutorials, news, events etc for the student community. is platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big Data etc

A school for debuggers Software Engineers & Programmers

Linkedin Article using Pulse

Google MyBusiness Work

Quore Space

HolidayLandmark is an Adventure Travel Group based out of nowhere but on the World of Web. It was founded by a group of sober trekkers and travelers who have urban settlements but wander in search of wilderness in forest.  HolidayLandmark provides an online platform for travelers to find a buddy traveler in order to google adventures and stimulate wild instincts and those who want to go back into the wild. Anyone can organize or plan their destiny on this portal and share with the world to find missing travellers who are still under the urban border and looking out for some leader who can lead them back into the forest. HolidayLandmarker creates a new line of Holiday Landmark which is untouched and unexplored. is place where you can find a complete solution for Digital marketing, Influencers, SEO and Search engine ranking and promotion.

Professnow is a learning and most popular platform to connect Professionals and Customers to each other directly without any middle man thus avoiding any commision or additional charges to customers. Professnow has 2 apps in the Playstore. One, Professnow which is for customers who are seeking professional and home services. ProfessNow Professional where any professional can enroll for it. is a learning portal for Health and Fitness, Yoga, Treatment and Surgery information. You can find a blogs of following topics such as AIDS & HIV, Anti Aging, Ayurveda & Homeopathic, Body Building, Cancer, Corona Virus (Covid 19) Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Dengue, Diabetes, Food & Beverages, Gynecomastia & Man boobs, Hair Treatment, Health, Health Benefits, Health care, Healthy Life, Heart Care, Home Remedies, Increase Height, Orthopedics, Pregnancy & fertility, Sex reassignment, Skin Care, Stress, Typhoid, Weight Loss & Gain. is an information website for stocks market in india. You can find blogs for topics such as sharemarket, stockmarket, nifty, indianstockmarket, investing, sensex, stockmarketnews, nse, stocks, bse, finance, banknifty, stockmarketindia, stocksmantra, money, intraday, niftyfifty, indiansharemarket, dalalstreet, investor, sharetips, sharemarketnews, business, marketnews, share, sharebazar, nseindia, mutualfunds, investors, economy, businessnews, stockexchange, startupindia, equity, stockstips, forex, stocks, wealth, business is a portal for product review and rating. is having very in-depth analysis of review and testimony of Mobiles, Laptop, Electronics Gadgets, Airports, Boradbands, Movies Reviews, Pubs and Bars, Online Shopping, Restaurants and many more. is a platform lawyer and advocate in india. is a learning portal for Medical Tourism, Treatment and Surgery information. is a website for corporate and industry blogging. is a portal dedicated for bihar

AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is a term coined by Gartner in 2016 as an industry category for machine learning analytics technology that enhances IT operations analytics. AIOps is the acronym of “Algorithmic IT Operations”.

DataOps is a set of practices, processes and technologies that combines an integrated and process-oriented perspective on data with automation and methods from agile software engineering to improve quality, speed, and collaboration and promote a culture of continuous improvement in the area of data analytics. You can find DataOps tutorials, DataOps courses, DataOps certifications, DataOps training and DataOps trainers at this website.

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