Top 7 SEO Techniques: It will help you win in 2020

Top 7 SEO Techniques: It will help you win in 2020

First of all, I want to tell you about SEO in two sentences, what is this and why do we use it? SEO means search engine optimization helps in increasing the amount and quality of traffic on your website through organic search engine results.

These are 7 SEO Techniques in 2020

  1. Build Quality Backlinks
  2. Fast Loading Web Pages
  3. Always write Longer Meta Descriptions
  4. Work on Speed Loading
  5. Content is King
  6. AI in search algorithms
  7. Mobile-Friendly

Build Quality Backlinks – Backlinks are more important to any website, Without backlinks, there is very little chance that your website will rank well. What has changed over the years in the way your backlinks are created are low-quality links such as blog comments that are spam or paid links, will have no effect and ultimately harm your site.

Fast Loading Web Pages – Nowadays, more important than ever to focus on the speed of your site. Research has shown that sites that do not load within the first 3 seconds are often abandoned by web users, the tool will help you improve the speed of the site.

Always write Longer Meta Descriptions – Google has now doubled the character limit for the snippet in its search results across the board. At 320 characters, this is slightly more than the new tweet format, interestingly, 165 characters were slightly longer than last tweets format. I wonder, in fact, the Twitter Character Limit had no effect on this decision. Do not think of this as a quote or something, I do not think Google actually made a decision based on Twitter’s work. That’s why Twitter gives great importance to the grand plan of things.

Work on Speed Loading – The websites are not just a way to provide information; they are a resource that visitors know exactly what they want. So, how do you solve it? As a first step, you have to check the current speed of the website. Make sure that you use some of the tools Google provides that PageSpeed Insights is one of the best websites that helps you reach your site’s loading speed. It scores your website from 0 to 100. If the speed of site loading is 80 or above, then you are on the good chart. The website gives you recommendations for changes, which you can apply to increase speed.

Content is King – Content is King everyone has heard this and this one word has been used for a long time. what does this mean? This means that you can have the best on-page SEO, be optimized for mobile, can be secure, but if you are not providing value for your users, then your SEO campaign still Will fail. For some reason, the web searches for anything because they are searching for information. Our job as marketers is to know which topic our audiences are searching for and provide information on this topic.

Google’s meta description snippets are always a small part of a mysterious art. A few weeks ago, the character limit for meta descriptions was more than 165 characters, sometimes Google would forgive a direction or a small margin in the other, one To avoid allowing a full sentence or to reduce a word. Sometimes they will gladly bite you from the middle words. Some types of questions will have a special, more informative description that will be with the length of the uppercase letters. Most of the time when you set a description with meta attributes, Google takes it, but sometimes they did not choose.

AI in search algorithms – Such as, Google has refined its algorithm for the SERP ranking in 2020, AI is expected to play a big role using Google Rankbrain to change its searches Rankbrain is a machine learning tool that measures this How do visitors interact with search engine results? When users click on the result, AI sees how long the person spends with the material. It then uses this information to rank results if a web page is perfectly suited for a keyword with title tags, meta descriptions, images and more – but provides awesome content – the bounce rate will be higher Because visitors will quickly realize what they need on your page. Rankbrain does this and adjusts SERP ranking accordingly. Quality content will lead to a high ranking.

Mobile-Friendly – If your site does not have mobile-friendly formatting by 2020 then Google will not like it. Google preferred the sites displayed on mobile devices to update their algorithms. This incident began to be known as “Mobilebloodon”. At this time at this time, you want your site to be a responsive design. With responsive design, your website detects the device used to view your site and its screen orientation, adjusting the layout of your site accordingly. Take a look at Google’s mobile-friendly test to see if your site passes.