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About Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of the Rajasthan. Jaipur is biggest city of the Indian state. Jaipur is otherwise called the Pink City of India and It is the tenth most populous City in the India.

Jaipur is worldwide notable for excellence Architecture, Vastu, Astrology, Forts, Monuments, Palaces, Art and Craft, Culture and last but not least for unique Food.

Industries in Jaipur

Large Scale Industries / Public Sector undertakings and list of the units in Jaipur & near by


S. NoName of the Units Name of Product
1.M/s. ASIL Industries Ltd., HR Steel/Cold rolled Strips
2.M/s. Amrit Environmental Technology (P) Ltd.,Electricity
3.M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.,Tractor
4.M/s. Hindustan Coco-cola Beverage (P) Ltd.,Cold Drink
5.M/s. Krishna Paper Mill & Industry Ltd.,Paper
6.M/s. Ericsson TelecommunicationTelecom Equipments
7.M/s. Grasim Industries Ltd.,Cement
8.M/s. Mangla Ispat (Jaipur) Ltd.,HSD Steel Bar, M.S. Ingot
9.M/s. Neesa Leisure Ltd.,Hospitality
10.M/s. National Engg. Ind. Ltd.,Ball Bearing
11.M/s. K C Mercantile Ltd.,Electronic Energy Meter
12.M/s. Poddar Pigments Ltd., Synthetic & Organic Color
13.M/s. Wire & Fabric (SA) (P) Ltd., Wire & Cloth Manufacturing
14.M/s. KEC International Ltd.,Transmission Line & Tower

Major Exportable Item Ball Bearing, Electronic Energy Meter, Paper, Cement, Transmission Line & Tower, Synthetic & Organic Color, HR Steel/Cold Rolled Strips etc.Growth Trend 5 to 8% growth of every item like Ball Bearing, Electronic Energy Meter, Paper, Cement, Transmission Line & Tower, Synthetic & Organic Color, HR Steel/Cold Rolled Strips.

Other Economy in Jaipur

  • Cotton based
  • Beverages & Tobacco based Industry
  • Agriculture and Dairy
  • Educational Institutes
  • Logistic and Transport
  • Mutual Funds & Broking
  • Retail and BPO / KPO
  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Banking and Real estate
  • Doctors, Engineers, lawyers, contractors etc.
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Chemical and paper/publishing
  • Hospital and Healthcare
  • Paper based
  • Leather based
  • Wooden based

How website will help the business owner in Jaipur

Jaipur is the largest city of the country and the gross and the employment sectors of the city are very advanced.

Business and exchanges are extremely renowned and naturalized yet it is still exceptionally poor regarding on the web attention/advancement and web advertisement for their business.

The general population of this city and the business holder are not all that aware of the positive chance of having sites for business and exchanges. What’s more, even the greater part of them maintaining their business through customarily conduct.

Site is a program where they can attention their business over google and each place and the sites can pass on a progressive change into their business.

Furthermore, the general population can look you well and contact promptly to buy the item and administration of your business. having site is the shrewd, reasonable and most effortless approach to maintain your business quick and fruitful.

  • Business holder and customer comfort.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Affordable business promotion.
  • Continuous information with social media.
  • Increment the audience and customer.
  • Increment sales.
  • Semi Permanent customer.
  • Easy to represent the inside information of your product and service.

How Website will help the professional in Jaipur?

1.A real estate business :- A Real Estate business can assemble their own particular site and exposure, simple advance of their business in google and other online networking.

2.Lawyer can enroll and construct :- Lawyer can enlist and manufacture his own particular site and entry to promote and reputation his callings and capacity. So he can get more customers and individuals.

3.Restaurant business :- Chennai eatery business holder can manufacture his own entrance and site and reputation his administration and item over web, Google and social destinations.

4.Doctors :- Doctors can manufacture their passage entrance web page and site to exposure his calling in google. Furthermore in online networking.

What is the advantage of having Online Presence for Business Owner?

This online worldwide having on the web nearness for the entrepreneur has trun the exceptionally fundamental part to maintain his business quick and well.

Online nearness pass on your accessibility and capacity of your assist and business immediately to your client and client.

  • all day, every day accessible.
  • Immediately impact to the client.
  • 24-hours promotion and declaration related business.
  • Coordinate deal and purchase expertness by online conduct.
  • Short data of each one administration and item.
  • Customer satisfaction and support.
  • Client overview to assemble benefit better.
  • Business prominence and notoriety.

How Cotocus will help the business in Chennai?

Cotocus, helps you in doing entire Growth for your business. We are into web improvement where we concentrate on the customer’s expected esteem and than center of the interest for the business. We do all-around development for your business to addition quantities of customers/clients on your site and market your image.

Furthermore, our product improvement group is progressed and originative. We do outline your product in a manner that it can help you to accomplish what you convey for your business in and that is our primary objective. We give satisfaction level to our customer through our work. We give all data of the advance of the venture to our client, so he have all the trust in our work. Additionally, it will help in working up the trust that we can help him to accomplish the primary esteem figure. He chose for the future for his business.

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