Troubleshooting Installers in InstallAnywhere

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There are several methods available to debug InstallAnywhere installers. Deciding
upon which method to use depends in part on the installer development cycle—during
installer development or later if an end-user has a problem with the installer.
Most InstallAnywhere installers utilize Macrovision’s LaunchAnywhere technology.
Along with many convenient features for end-users (double clickable launchers,
native-like user experience) LaunchAnywhere launchers provide a host of built in
debugging features.

During Installer Development
InstallAnywhere can output debug information to a file.
In the Installer Debug Output Section of Project | Config are fields which define what
file locations to send stdout and stderr. The options for the text fields are to leave
blank which discards the information, enter “console” which sends the information to
a live console, or to type the file paths. Both entries should point to the same file.
These paths should be absolute, and can be managed using Java paths, rather than the
system specific paths. This feature allows developers use one entry for multiple
For example:
Send stderr to: /tmp/outputfile.text.
Send stdout to: /tmp/outputfile.text
These settings will direct the output to /tmp/outputfile.txt on a Unix or derivative
system, and to C:\tmp\outputfile.txt on a Windows system. The file itself (in this
example outputfile.text) will contain most, if not all information needed to debug
InstallAnywhere installations.
Because these files will not be uninstalled, we recommend that this feature be
deactivated prior to the final build of the product installer. However, some developers
have chosen to leave the output intact to make debugging any issue that arise post
development easier.

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