Use of p4 spec command

scmuser created the topic: Use of p4 spec command
Use of p4 spec -o label command

“p4 spec” is an unsupported command and thus not documented in the command reference. The only reference we have is “p4 help spec”:

spec — Edit spec definitions (unsupported)

p4 spec [-d -i -o] type

Edit any type of specification: branch, change, client, depot,
group, job, label, spec, stream, trigger, typemap, or user. Only
the comments and the formatting hints can be changed. Any fields
that you add during editing are discarded when the spec is saved.

‘p4 jobspec’ is equivalent to ‘p4 spec job’, and any custom spec
(include the job spec) can be deleted with ‘p4 spec -d type’.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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