Vagrant Assignment & Excercise

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  1. What is Vagrant, and what problems does it solve in software development?
  2. How do you install and configure Vagrant on your local machine?
  3. Can you describe the workflow for creating a new Vagrant environment?
  4. How do you manage multiple Vagrant environments and configurations?
  5. What is a Vagrant box, and how do you use it to create a new virtual machine?
  6. How do you provision a Vagrant environment with necessary software and configuration?
  7. Can you explain the difference between Vagrant providers, and when you would choose one over another?
  8. What are some common Vagrant commands you would use in day-to-day development?
  9. How does Vagrant integrate with popular configuration management tools like Ansible and Chef?
  10. How would you troubleshoot common issues when working with Vagrant environments?
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