What are the top and best website to learn DevOps online?

Let’s first understand that what is DevOps then after we will discuss about the best website to learn DevOps online..

DevOps is all about Tools and Automation. It is a collaboration where teamwork is more important so that they can build a superior quality software as a team at high speed with an effective way. DevOps plays an important role in Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Automation of everything of the development process.

When it comes to studies our first thinking is that from where we get the perfect institution to learn, ask queries without any hesitation. So, in my opinion you should always have a research on that particular thing whatever you are trying to gain through websites in various ways but when the topic comes related to DevOps in your mind then as per my research you should once explore DevOps School.com for DevOps training course because our trainers are well known and highly qualified and they have an experience from more than 13 years in the world of real IT in DevOps and we provide online training & classroom training to the individuals and to the corporates too. The best websites to learn DevOps online or classroom as per my concern:-

DevOps School.com–  DevOps School is a trusted name amongst IT professionals and students globally. DevOps School has built a strong presence in the IT education with the efforts of each and every community members who share their Free Tutorials, Articles, Interview tips, Job updates, Forum Discussion and off course with the Training, Consulting and Mentoring services for DevOps, Build & Release, Continuous Integration/Deployment and more! DevOps School plays an important role in this IT world because it gives you a great opportunity to grab more knowledge in DevOps because our trainer are so qualified and are very skilled as they have experience for more than 13 yrs. and we have given training to the reputed corporates like:- World Bank, HCL, L&T, TATA, and so on…

scm galaxy– Our mission is to best utilization of experienced brain to serve the IT industry in any way, whether it can be via sharing their knowledge or expertise for free or via training, consulting or mentoring. We are committed to serve IT industry and our participants or clients in any way so that they can keep growing by overcoming challenges and obstacles through the knowledge or support which we can provide to them. From the beginning, we maintained a restricted spotlight on being the best at one particular thing building up a community of experts globally who can share their knowledge and expertise via this platform which can provide a great learning experience for IT professionals.

Best DevOps.com– If you want yourself to be the first to get updated with latest DevOps related news than this is the platform. BestDevOps is a DevOps updates and news platform where you can read about DevOps related updates, events, news, tutorials, tips and much more. This platform is quite new but when you browse you can find lots of DevOps content which will be very helpful if you are a DevOps enthusiast. They update on regular basis with authenticity. You don’t need to go anywhere else or in Google for search just give few minutes to this portal and you can have all the updates for the day.

DevOps Consulting– Devops Consultant group focus of any organization is to meet customer needs. It’s essential that people believe in the shared goal and collaborate to achieve it. The process and tools that the organization uses should help them in that direction. The processes and tools are just the ways and means. The organizations can improve their effectiveness by constantly collaborating with customer to reduce cost of delay. However, Organizations can achieve a greater ROI when both effectiveness and efficiency are improved.

Devops Consultant group specialize in customizing and integrating tools to help improve the efficiency of your development processes and tools to help you focus on   effectiveness of your deliverables. DevOps is a procedure to expand association, statement between development and operation.

Re-Architect & find New Methods for faster and Reliable Delivery. DevOps is a set of follows that systematizes the procedures among software improvement and IT teams, in demand to form, analyze, and release software quickly and consistently.

DevOpS Trainer– There is a question moving around your mind that who is the best DevOps trainer you should go for a training? Basically A DevOps trainer must have the capability to teach you the best DevOps. And in the present climate a software engineer who wants to learn DevOps will definitely go through by a skilled trainer because this technology can transform a person from single to multiple skill professional. So, If you are looking for the best DevOps Trainer who can trained you far well from others then I would suggest Rajesh Kumar.

The best points of DevOps Training by Rajesh Kumar http://www.rajeshkumar.xyz/

He is one of the core and advanced DevOps engineering expert.

He is a passionate teacher and completed 6000+ DevOps training batches which includes classroom, online and corporates too.

Rajesh has a good grasp over the topics, who are capable of resolving any queries regarding the topics.

He also helped many companies to on-board their tools, processes and teams on DevOps culture and practices.

I know that the first thing comes in your mind that why I am putting so much efforts to go with Rajesh. But when you will see the great reviews and feedback given by   our participants are praising him for his great knowledge and teaching style, then you will decide whether I am wrong or right.

Amazon Web Services– Cloud computing is like a bus. You didn’t have to buy, maintain, or operate the vehicle, yet somehow you can still use it to get around and pay only for your trip. The cloud is like that: you don’t have to buy, maintain, or operate servers, you just pay for running your website or web service on them, and leave the maintenance and operations to someone else to deal with. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. … Securely store all your files on the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.