What is Agent Pool and selection criteria in uDeploy?

Similar to resource groups, agent pools help you organize and manage agents that are installed in different environments.

  • Agent pools distribute work among all pool members and reduce congestion that can occur when using a single agent.
  • Agent pools are also used to limit access to specific agents. For example, agents that are associated with a different owner or agents used for production deployment.
  • You can use an agent pool to spread the deployment processing work among participating agents and provide relief to otherwise overburdened agents.
  • Users assign agents to pools and pools are assigned to resources, just like lone agents. When an agent pool is assigned to a resource, work items are sent to eligible agents. If you don’t use a pool, then the agent that is assigned to the resource is assigned all the processing work regardless of its current workload. Such a workload might lead to bottlenecks.
  • The agent that does the actual work is chosen randomly from available online agents in the pool. The current workload that is running on the agents in the pool is not considered. The agent that was most recently selected to do work is not exempt from subsequent selections. The selected agent is always randomly selected from available online agents in the pool thus UCD picks an online agent from the pool at random. There is no load balancing of the workload.
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