What is an Azure Portal?

Microsoft Azure, one of the second highest names in the Cloud Computing domain, It all because of features it provides to its user, the ease with which Microsoft Azure can be accessed to computing. Azure Portal provides this vertical and helps you to move closer to getting Microsoft Azure certified. 

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In this particular blog, we will discuss how Azure Portal makes everything easy to access all of its services at one plus. Let’s start with what is Azure Portal?

About Azure Portal

Azure Portal by Microsoft, is a single portal or also can say it a single junction that allows users to access and manage all their applications under one umbrella. Good thing with the Azure portal is we can build, manage, our applications and resources as well as simple web apps to complex cloud deployments. 

In the Azure cloud portal we can also create some custom dashboards according to our need for maintaining resources and azure active directories for an organized view of resources.

The Azure portal is for continuous availability. Azure has around 48+ datacenters all around the globally.  And this is something that makes the Azure portal more powerful and more dependable and trustworthy compared to others in datacenter failures. 

The Azure portal has the facility to directly update you through mobile application as well as web application continuously and requires no time for maintenance activities.

Best Features of Azure Portal

Here are some of the best features provided by Azure Portal: 

  • Single Place Management

Azure Portal may be a single purpose station that permits their users to access all services like cypher, database, storage, net applications, virtual machines and lots of a lot of. Additionally by exploiting the Azure Portal, it guarantees high flexibility to explore Azure’s graphical capabilities.

  • Personalized Dashboard

Azure portal offers Dashboards that permit you to pin your required applications so they will be monitored and accessed whenever you want. This sort of feature your ever adapting desires are met and restrained properly

  • Access management And Security

Security may be a high notch priority once it involves Cloud Computing. Azure Portal contributes to the current cause by making certain complete management over which World Health Organization gets to access what services. This can be achieved by granting Role-Based access controls and subscription at individual and cluster level.

  • Friendly UI

Azure portal provides an awfully easy computer programme that is actually simple to grasp and do the operations simply. An individual with terribly lowest data into the platform will perceive the easy UI simply.

  • More Visibility

More Visibility is one the foremost wonderful options of Azure Portal, It permits to trace for each current and projected prices. Now, you are surprised however will Azure Portal facilitate this specific scenario? It helps you learn a pair of manners, initially it helps to calculate existing charges/Cost by itself. Secondly, it helps users to show your monthly expenditure.

Azure Portal makes it easier to trace and monitor your cross-cloud information analytics and active usage information in real time.

Why do we use Azure Portal?

Self-hosted data centers are emerging fresh, being replaced by increasingly available and affordable cloud solutions. So many big players are out there in the market for the same services in the cloud, some of the players are AWS, IBM, and also Apple’s ubiquitous iCloud. There are so many options out there but why are so many companies shifted their workloads to Microsoft Azure portal? Some of the reasons for that:

  • Flexibility
  • Effective Cost
  • Variety of Applications
  • Disaster recovery

Exploring Azure Portal

Step1: First things, create a free tier account or a paid account with Azure. Visit the link ‘portal.azure.com‘. Place your details. And Azure offers you free services or credits that may be used for one month period. Note you may be expected to enter your credit or revolving credit details. However keep assured Azure won’t charge you while not your consent.

Step2: Once you’ve got Associate in nursing account you’ll be able to login and you may be directed to portal within the image below:

How to Set Up a GitLab Instance on Microsoft Azure | GitLab

Step 3: If you click on create new tab you can go ahead and create your customize apps, mobile apps, it would be chat bots, virtual machines and many more.

Manage resources - Azure portal - Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Docs

Step 4: If you take a closer look to the left top corner. You would find, First is the Cloud Shell, its command line interface which allows to process your data using command prompt. On second is the Notifications tab, all the notifications of your recent activities will be highlighted here.  And the last is Third Tab lets you explore portal settings and also the fourth tab lets you look for help support provided by Azure.

Change azure portal theme quickly by double click on dashboard


The Azure portal is for continuous availability. Azure has around 48+ datacenters all around the globally.  And this is something that makes the Azure portal more powerful and more dependable and trustworthy with compare to others in datacenter failures. 

I hope you enjoyed this article.  After reading this blog you are no longer a fresher about Azure Portal, So let me Congrats you for that. More you learn the more you gain. I hope you are doing great in the future.

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