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The minimum features for SCM tools

SCM Tools The minimum features for SCM tools are closely related to the task of handling the different product deliverables produced within the project software engineering process. Tool requirements and selection criteria are based on a series of features that provide a consistent look and feel with state-of-the-art software development environments. An SCM tool must… Read More »

What is wyBuild & wyUpdate and its features and advantage?

created the topic: what is wyBuild & wyUpdate and its features and advantage? Use wyBuild to get updates of your software to your users fast. No confusing interfaces – just simplicity. Who uses wyBuild? Game developers Game shops love wyBuild. Using installers results in files hundreds of megabytes long with bandwidth bills to match. wyBuild… Read More »

Features of Actual Installer

InstallerGeek created the topic: Features of Actual Installer Jumpstart Your First Installer Project in Minutes! Actual Installer offers you a wizard-style interface that will quickly guide you through all the stages of creating an installation package. Simply go from one tab to another and specify the required values or textual content in a point-and-click manner.… Read More »

Organizing Features and Components in InstallAnywhereOrganizing Features and Com

deployexpert created the topic: Organizing Features and Components in InstallAnywhereOrganizing Features and Com Components are the lowest level of organization in an installer. Each product must have at least one component but most installers will by default contain at least two components, as the uninstaller is considered a component of its own. InstallAnywhere’s component architecture… Read More »

Top 5 Code Editors for the Software Programmers | Best Code Editor | scmGalaxy

This is the age of programming and coding and in the last few years software industry changes a lot. We can see a lot of automation and different kind of tools used by programmers and developers to perform their tasks and projects, and it’s necessary too  because a right tool can simplify your work environment… Read More »

Top 10 DevOps Tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers | scmGalaxy

DevOps is an important component for software industry today. Developing and implementing a DevOps culture helps to focus IT results and to save time and money as the gap between developers and IT operations teams closes. Just as the term and culture are new, so are many of the best DevOps tools these DevOps engineers… Read More »

Configuration Management Tools Discussion

My main experience is with ClearCase. I have read various descriptive comparisons between ClearCase and other available Software Management Version tools. Which tool has your company implemented? What were the key features helped you select this tool over another one? Configuration Management Tools Discussion

Sonar PDF Report Plugin 2.1 – What is new in Sonar PDF Report Plugin 2.1?

Hi all, I’m proud to announce the availability of a new release of Sonar PDF Report Plugin (Commercial edition): http://blog.klicap.es/products/sonarpdfreportplugin Key features of this new release: * Include information provided by other installed plugins * Possibility of use SVG images in front page and header Actually Sonar PDF Report Plugin 2.1 supports integration with: *… Read More »