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Most trusted JOB oriented professional program
DevOps Certified Professional (DCP)

Take your first step into the world of DevOps with this course, which will help you to learn about the methodologies and tools used to develop, deploy, and operate high-quality software.

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DevOps to DevSecOps – Learn the evolution
DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP)

Learn to automate security into a fast-paced DevOps environment using various open-source tools and scripts.

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Get certified in the new tech skill to rule the industry
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Certified Professional

A method of measuring and achieving reliability through engineering and operations work – developed by Google to manage services.

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Master the art of DevOps
Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE)

Get enrolled for the most advanced and only course in the WORLD which can make you an expert and proficient Architect in DevOps, DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles together.

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Gain expertise and certified yourself
Azure DevOps Solutions Expert

Learn about the DevOps services available on Azure and how you can use them to make your workflow more efficient.

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Learn and get certified
AWS Certified DevOps Professional

Learn about the DevOps services offered by AWS and how you can use them to make your workflow more efficient.

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What is AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)?

Introduction of Azure Kubernetes Service

AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) is Azure’s managed container service and It is an open-source fully managed container orchestration service. It is manages your hosted Kubernetes environment, making it simple to deploy and manage containerized applications without container orchestration expertise, divesting much of that responsibility to Azure. This service offers to provision, scaling, and upgrades of resources as per requirement or demand without any downtime in the Kubernetes cluster.

Defining Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with diagram.

Benefits of AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)?

  • It helps in managing a hosted Kubernetes setting that supports versatile and fast preparation and management of pack applications.
  • You simply don’t want profound experience in container orchestration for using AKS.
  • It is supports economical provisioning, upgrades, and scaling of resources in step with demand while not taking the applications offline.
  • This service gives developers greater flexibility, automation and reduced management overhead for administrators and developers.

AKS Application Gateway Ingress Controller

Features of Azure Kubernetes Service


Businesses are increasingly transitioning from on-premises to the cloud, building and managing modern and cloud-native applications. Kubernetes is one of those solutions that is open-source and supports the creation and deployment of cloud-native apps with complete orchestration. Azure Kubernetes Service is a robust and cost-effective container orchestration service that helps you deploy and manage containerized applications in seconds where additional resources are assigned automatically without the headache of managing additional servers.

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