What is Azure Automation?

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Introduction of Azure Automation

Automation is a fronton leader of all IT solutions for businesses. If a method is redundant, you employ technological resources to change it. If a method is long, you discover the simplest way to change it. If a task doesn’t carry a large amount valuable and you don’t would like someone functioning on it, all over again you change it. This can be the easy theory behind Automation. Azure Automation is a techniques that allows user to change your tasks in a cloud-based setting. In this Particular blog we will discuss about Azure Automation and its features and all, so let’s start What is Azure Automation?

What is Azure Automation?

Azure Automation is all automating manual and repetitive tasks within the cloud atmosphere. Azure Automation is an efficient cloud-based automation platform. It provides an expansive automation service that permits you to change tasks that might otherwise take up an IT personnel’s valuable time.

It provides a framework to make and schedule workflows to alter the repetitive and mundane tasks that Cloud directors perform with Azure. The workflows area unit normally referred to as run-books. Runbook helps organizations to save time and increase the reliability of regular executive assigned tasks.

Different types of Azure Automation?

Let’s take a look at their categories. From the type of their tasks and way it is carried out, Azure Automation can be divided into 5 categories –

  • Process Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Update Management
  • Shared capabilities
  • Heterogeneous Support

What are the advantages Of Azure Automation?

Azure Automation Service simplifies cloud management and automation by optimizing your existing investment and skills of integration. There are a ton of advantages offered by Azure Automation, here are some of benefits of Azure Automation:-

  • Lowers costs

Your routine and long cloud management tasks square measure typically fallible. Azure Automation helps scale back errors and increase potency together with Windows Azure to assist you scale back operational prices and save time.

  • Optimizes workflows

Azure automation permits you to leverage the prevailing workflows or customize them to style your own workflows. You’ll be able to monitor and maintain Azure resources and conjointly produce and deploy your own runbooks, as needed. Prying a number of Azure Automation Tutorials you’ll be able to simply produce differing types of runbooks as well as Graphical, PowerShell, and Python.

  • Integration

Azure Automation works seamlessly with websites, VMs, servers, storage, and different Azure services. It also can be used with any third-party applications, service offerings, or public web Apis.

  • Reliable service

Azure with efficiency handles systems, tools, and departments up your performance and saving time.

What Is The Special Feature Of Azure Automation?

Microsoft Azure Automation has been developed as an easy and speedy cloud platform. It comes jam-choked with vital options such as:

  • It integrates with different systems or existing systems by building PowerShell integration modules.
  • It accelerates the versatile advancement method.
  • It improves responsibility in commission among totally different tools, systems, and departments.
  • It reduces manual activities in police investigation errors & corrections.

In addition to the on top of Azure Automation options, the service additionally offers:

  • Runbooks square measure the special feature of Azure Automation. It helps in automating those tasks that square measure long, needs time to run and execute, and has prospects of obtaining frequent errors.

Graphical Authoring is another special feature of Azure Automation that permits you to feature activities from the library that square measure already there in runbooks and link them to make an advancement. One doesn’t have to be compelled to write any complicated PowerShell scripts.

Why Azure Automation Is Important?

Manual Errors and Manual Dependency Is Reduced

Azure Automation used by enterprises that have multiple structure setups in several countries. They need a large network, in conjunction with regular hardware and code maintenance. Therefore, these organizations want to recruit professionals to require care of their systems ceaselessly and manually. This adds to the probabilities of human errors and alternative issues arising from manual dependency. But Azure Automation cuts down the need to recruit humans for this method. So, rather than hiring one hundred testers for maintenance comes, they’ll rent 45-50 testers to simply check out alerts. This can be creating organizations pay less on hands.

Information is additional Secured and safe

The method, reports, and information/data area unit secured through automatic backup and recovery ways. So, just in case of Associate in nursing unforeseen disaster, the info is simply retrieved.  Role-based access ensures data is below the management of somebody trustworthy and act as a maintenance window for the most system.

Apart from these, you can use Azure Automation for several other reasons too. For example, some businesses use Azure Automation for managing their virtual machines at scale.


Azure Automation provide user or organization an ascendable and reliable automation method for all IT connected operations. Organizations will standardize common processes by using automation in Azure, and minimize manual activities and reduce the possibilities of human error. Also, Through Runbook and configurations, you’ll save an honest quantity of your time for your organization.

No matter what your automation desires are, Azure Automation can be used to automate them effectively and get your outputs efficiently.

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