What is Gitlab and how its useful in DevOps?

Intially, GitLab was introduced as a web-based Git-repository manager providing hositing solutions for git repo along with Wiki and Issues tracking.

Later, GitLab become the single application for the entire of the DevOps lifecycle. From planning to monitoring GitLab covers every stage and additionally let’s you manage and secure across stages. Only GitLab enables Concurrent DevOps, unlocking organizations from the constraints of the toolchain.

Gitab was introduced in 2011 and In July 2013, the product was split into two distinct versions:

  1. GitLab CE: Community Edition and
  2. EE: Enterprise Edition.

The code was originally written in Ruby & Go but latest released was with technology stack includes Ruby on Rails and Vue.js.

Enterprise Edition has wonderful Reporting & Publishing features, Large lists of Extended authentication & authorization integration, Rich Fine-grained workflow management, Additional server management options and CIs features.

Please find the Comparison between GitLab Community Edition Vs Enterprise Edition?

Gitlab supports all Stages of the DevOps lifecycle which includes…

  • Manage
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Verify
  • Package
  • Release
  • Configure
  • Monitor
  • Secure

How to install GitLab Community Edition?

How to install GitLab Enterprise Edition?

Community Edition to Enterprise Edition upgrade is possible with some downtime.

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