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What is Gray Hat SEO?

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is one type of SEO practice which is risky compared to White Hat SEO, but one that may or may not be banned from the search engines and their affiliate sites on your site. Many SEO come in the Gray Hat category, and there are many shades of gray.

Some gray hat SEO use more suspicious tactics and take more risk. Gray Hat SEO is all about risk v / s reward. Some gray hat techniques can be thrown by the search engines, but not necessarily against their rules, while other techniques can be risky and should be used only after careful consideration.

Below are the techniques used for Grey Hat SEO:-

  • Keyword Stuffing – It is nothing but optimization of a keyword on webpage more than the required time. This keyword stuffing is not recommended by Google. This technique will effect on readability and also on our ranking.
  • Fake Reviews – A fake review is a review written by someone who has not actually used the product or service. They can be written by friends, family, or employees of the company.
  • Copy content – Copy content will always degrade your rank. Google can easily recognize copy or dummy content on web pages and this reduces your ranking. Maintaining quality content is a primary factor based on end-users and crawlers.
  • Spin content – This technique will never help you in ranking. Sometimes you may face copyright issues. Content spinning is used in re-writing the copy content. This technique is not superior because if Google finds your content spun from original content.
  • Social media profiles Automation – By use some tools, we generate the auto tweets for Social media profiles.
  • Personal Back-link Network – In this technique, users create multiple websites with domain names and link each article/blog after publishing them. We can observe the effects of cross-linking algorithm after new updates. Two-way and three-way link building come under this personal back-link network.
  • Cloaking – When web crawlers come to our site, cloaking techniques are used to show more content on the website. This content of the website will be hidden from end-users. This Cloaking not recommended by Google for website Ranking.
  • Using Old Domains – Website that has not been active for a long time. The owner of that left him inactive. Some users can buy that domain, which has high domain authority, domain age, etc. and these websites will help us rank fast on SERPS.