What is Mobile SEO and Strategies of 2020?

Nowadays, The huge number of mobile users growing day by day and the huge amount of people are spending own free time on mobile browsing. For this reason, we should focus on mobile SEO which will help you in achieving your online marketing goals.

In 2020, Mobile SEO is very effective to your website and it will be continually growing, that is why mobile SEO is important for your business success.

Why do mobile SEO?

The worldwide huge amount of people spend more and more time on their mobile devices and tablets, but many websites still aren’t designed to account for different screen sizes and load times.

This is a very good time to dive into mobile SEO, and make sure that you not inadvertently turning mobile visitors away because search is the number one web-based activity on mobile devices, and the smaller number of search results delivered on mobile search is increasing competition to get to the top. For this reason, we do mobile SEO for business success.

Few Best Practices for Mobile SEO:-

1) Increase Page Speed
2) Enable CSS, Javascript, and CSS
3) Don’t use flash in design
4) Don’t use pop up
5) Design for fat finger so it’s easy to tap
6) Optimize title and Meta description

I hope, this article will very helpful to your website.