What is the average salary DevOps Engineer get in India?

We all know that DevOps is following a set of practices that erases the boundary between Development (Dev) & Operations (Ops) thereby increasing development autonomy. DevOps has become the hottest trend on these days as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow. A DevOps career requires learning to be a skilled communicator, perhaps most especially becoming a skilled listener. Now, we come to the real point and that is average salary of a DevOps Engineer, average salary for DevOps Engineer starts from 5.69 lakhs per annum, whereas Pay Scale suggests that Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer earns an average salary of Rs.666,232 per year but these are the average salary, lots of places your work experience and your mindset matters for your good or bad salary. I can say that here your work experience, what type of work you are doing, depends on which organization you are in and what are you doing.

There are so many stages of getting salary for DevOps as if you are a fresher or how many years you have experience in DevOps. I can provide some reviews on that and it depends on multiple factors:-

For a fresher, it depends on the company you got into and your educational background.

The city also make some difference as for same profile you may get more buck in Bangalore as compare to Pune…

If you are from IIT’s/ NIT’s and got placed in tech giants like Microsoft/Amazon/Google, you could get 15- 18 lakhs.

If you are graduated from other colleges and got placed in reputed MNCs like TCS/Infosys etc; you could start with 3-4 lakhs as fresher as like any other technology.

But still if you are a fresher and have good knowledge on DevOps tools, you could easily demand for 7 -8 lakhs in a product based companies.

Right now DevOps is a blooming technology and if you could get 3 year experience in any company, you could easily reach 10 to 12 lakhs package in reputed companies and you will have a very good growth from there on. At last I want to say that it is all about your mindset to where you wanna go, moreover it is ones calibre and performance which decides the things…