What is the use of information_schema database in mysql

The information_schema database in MySQL is a virtual database that provides metadata about the database system, such as information about the database, tables, columns, and indexes.

The information_schema database contains several read-only tables that contain information about the database system, including:

  1. SCHEMATA: Information about the databases available in the current MySQL server.
  2. TABLES: Information about the tables in the current database.
  3. COLUMNS: Information about the columns in the current database.
  4. KEY_COLUMN_USAGE: Information about the columns used as keys for tables.
  5. ROUTINES: Information about stored procedures and functions.
  6. PARAMETERS: Information about parameters used in stored procedures and functions.

Using the information_schema database, you can retrieve information about the database system and its structure, which can be useful for monitoring and managing your database. For example, you can use it to find information about the size of your tables or to check if a particular column exists in a table. You can also use it to generate reports or to automate tasks, such as generating SQL statements to alter tables or creating backups of the database.

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