Which are the best strategies for SEO in 2020? (Step-By-Step)

Here I am going to let you about the best strategies of SEO in 2020. Below, I explained step-by-step SEO strategies to increase organic traffic on your Website. Here you can learn how to

  1. Setup essential tools,
  2. Optimize content,
  3. Fix errors, and
  4. How to do guest posting in the right way for creating beneficial Backlinks.

1) Setup essential SEO tools and plugins.

i) Google Search Console:- This tool is to track your Site’s performance in Google. It also helps you to find technical SEO problems. It shows you the exact keywords that you rank for, and this data is directly coming from google.

ii) Google Analytics:- Google Analytics is the best way to see how people find and use your Website. It can Find pages of your site that bring you traffic, identify the exact website that sends you the traffic, bounce rate, paid views, and many more.

If your website runs in WordPress, then,

iii) Install the Yoast SEO Plugin:- It is the most popular and complete SEO plugins for WordPress. Yoast makes it super easy to make your site SEO friendly.

2) Find Keywords that customers search for.

i) Find the long-tail keyword with google suggest.
ii) Find Keywords with Google Keyword Planner.
iii) Spy on online communities:- It means that reading threads on Reddit, Quora, and online forums.

3) Keyword Optimize your content

i) Use your keyword under the first 100 words of the page because Google puts more weight on the terms that show up at the top of your page.
ii) Use your keyword at the beginning of your title tag.
iii) Use Short URLs that include the keyword.
iv) Use keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags.

4) Find and fix technical SEO issues and errors.

Technical errors can down your Site rank and also affect to ranks your pages. Below are some technical SEO Issues and Errors:-

i) Mobile-Friendly:- Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because google recently tells that Google now runs on the Mobile-first index, which means if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, then it won’t rank.
To check whether your site is mobile optimized or not, Test it with the Google-Mobile Friendly test.

ii) ID Crawl errors:- It means that Google has trouble indexing/crawling all the content on your site. If Google Can’t index your page, it’s not going to rank. You can easily find the errors in the search engine console using the coverage report.

iii) Page Speed:- Improve your site’s loading speed. Your Site’s Loading speed isn’t a confirmed ranking factor. In general, it can’t affect your page ranking but, the faster your site loads are, the better. To check your site’s page speed use google’s PageSpeed Insights and webpagetest.org.

5) Content is King.

To Rank your Pages in Google, you need to publish great content. There is no denying that for ranking on Google, you need to publish great content. To write an awesome Content for your page then below three steps can help you a lot to write amazing Content:-

Step 1) Find a piece of popular content of your industry:- Research the popular content of your industry, which is searched by people at that time. Always write your blog or Content on the latest trending topics so that your blog or post can get more traffic.

Step 2) Create something even better:- After selecting the topic for your Content, read about it, and get full knowledge about that topic and make something better than others.

Step 3) Promote that content:- Now, promote that Content on Social media, E-mails, etc. Promoting your content provides more traffic and also helps to ranks in google.

These three steps can make massive traffic to your Post or blog, and also it helps your content to crack in the top result on your targeted keyword.

6) Break your Content into trucks.

Breaking of content in the trunk is an essential part because research shows that “No one likes to read giant text content.” That’s why the breaking of Content into trunks makes the Content super easy to read. When your content is easy to read, then your bounce rate is super low.

7) Cover everything about your topic.

Make sure that you cover everything, use to know about your topic. Because Research(over 1 million research) shows that “Content that Covers entire topics in depth was Ranked than content that only covers part of the topics.

8) Use multimedia on the page.

Use images, polls, visual content, videos, chats, and infographics to precise make your content.

9) Delete or Redirect Zombie pages.

Zombie pages mean, that pages of Website which doesn’t get any traffic. Google hates that Websites that have Lots of Zombie pages. Recently, a Google employ stated that “Google prefers to rank Sites that have a small no. of high-quality pages over those which have lots of pages that don’t provide any value”.

So Slowly delete the zombie pages or redirects then to new pages. That’s why make sure that every page on your site is fantastic and Focus on your content Quality, Not Quantity.

10) Keep your Content Up-to-date.

Updating your content time-to-time gives you more organic traffic on your page. Research shows that after updating a blog post, organic traffic for that post was increased by 31%. Further, it decreases for a while, but it still gets more organic traffic than before the update.

11) Build links for your Website.

A recent study found that Backlinks are still one of Google’s most important ranking factors. If you are serious about ranking on Google, you need backlinks.

i. Build links using guest posting:- Guest posting can work, but you need to be strategic about it. If you do guest posting in the wrong way, then your site can get slapped with a Google penalty.

So the right way is to publish your guest post on the respected website, not on any website which has a “write for us” page. The best way to do guest posting is; only guest post on the site, which going to gives you targeted traffic and related to your site.