Why DevOps Certification is important for an IT professional?

DevOps has become movement in the IT availability of qualified DevOps professionals as the major limitation. If you earn a DevOps Certification, you can offer your organisation loads of measurable benefits and moreover, certified DevOps practitioners usually get higher salary packages than others and most of the companies are looking for people with wide varieties of skills and by only with DevOps you can more valuable to your company, since you know various tools and technologies used under for development, testing and deployment.

What skills do you gain with DevOps certification?

Our DevOps certification program will provide the learner with:

Sound knowledge and hands-on experience on tools used in DevOps, such as Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Nagios.

Good knowledge in the process oriented methodologies involving every phase of product life cycle. For example, Continuous Development (e.g. using docker), Continuous Testing (e.g. using Jenkins, Bamboo), Continuous Integration (e.g. using Jenkins), Configuration Management (e.g. Installation and management using puppets, Ansible) and Continuous Monitoring (e.g. Nagios).

Who is eligible for DevOps Certification?

DevOps defines process of software development in a complete new way. Any enthusiastic student, software professional or anyone who is interested in starting their career in DevOps can learn and get certified in DevOps.

Specifically, a professional who is a part of any role in the product development can take this certification. Be it a developer who wants to take part in network operations or an admin interested in coding and scripting and is interested in development as well, or be it a test engineer who wants knowledge on deployment or system administration.

In a word, there is no restriction based on one’s role in software for DevOps certification.

Prerequisites for DevOps Certification

As such, there are no prerequisites for DevOps certification. A person involved in any phase of software development can undergo training, master it and get certified.

However, if the learner possesses the following skills, it will be very helpful and effective:

Training Pre-requisites

Basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts

Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)

Familiarity with a Text Editor Experience with managing systems/applications/infrastructure or with deployments/automation (Add on – Not mandatory)

DevOps Certification..

The DevOps Certification Training Program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes and Nagios. This training is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become a certified practitioner through best practices in Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration, and finally, Continuous Monitoring of software throughout its development life cycle. So, next time whenever a question pops in your mind related to DevOps Certification, just feel free to go to the website www.DevOpsSchool.com then you will know the consequences.