Why unique content is increase ranking of your website?

Why unique content is increase ranking of your website?

*Unique Content:-
Unique/quality of content is one of the most important factors (i call it heavy one) google consider when it come to search ranking. Beside content there’re few other important ranking factors you should know about.
Domain, Page and Post Level Link
Website User Experience – Same across all devices.
Backlinks – Co-citation.
Social Metrics.
Bounce Rate.

All these play important game on search ranking.

There are several factors that can increase ranking. Quality unique content is one of them. There are however plenty of websites that have duplicate content (affiliates, news etc…) that rank, then it becomes more dependant on the domain the information is sitting on. The domain with the highest domain authority will most likely outrank other copy cats.


SEO is a combination of art and science. The science tells us that if you duplicated the same article nearly word for word, it will have lower value and in some cases, may not show up on the results radar at all.

Try to make the design consistent. Buttons for subscribing are “undesigned” but buttons for buying are somehow designed. Maybe create a small design guide:

All buttons on the page look like this
All headlines are using this font and that size.
All common text is using the font XY and this size and is usally aligned to the left
all hyper links on the page have this font/size and this color (hover effect)
… continue with every design element…

etc… pp. Make a checklist and go through you web site.


On the home page there is field for an email address and subscribing? What to? Why should I subscribe to a newsletter? Is this a newsletter? How often do I get one? Is there any benefits for me by subscribing? Say something why I should leave my email (like information/updates about new products).