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Important Configuration Information

* Wise Package Studio uses the NSAdmin user to run its services. If the password or permissions for this user are changed, WPS may not function properly.
* Since WPS is a per user license, it will only work under the user who installed it. Otherwise, an error about invalid serial numbers will appear when running.
* Batmobile hosts the SQL databases needed by WPS.
o Workbench Database
o Software Manager Database
o Wise Services Database
* The Wise Share Point is located on LSAltiris at c:\Wise Share Point.
* When running the WPS Workbench it prompts for an admin password. It is currently blank.
* We have a license for the web features of the program, but they require .NET 1.1. That version is installed on LSAltiris, but so is .NET 2.0. So, the installer does not see version 1.1 without removing version 2.0 first. Since LSAltiris is already in production, I did not want to uninstall an reinstall .NET.
* If prompted for an admin password when opening up the Workbench, there is no password.

Client Information

There is a virtual machine that acts as a client for the program. This way, we do not have to log into LSAltiris when ever we need to use the software.

* The VM is called Wise Package Client, and its host name wpclient.
* The client works on a per-user base. The client software is currently installed under the NSAdmin account. See the “Notepad” in lscs.byu.edu/utilities for the password.
* The client is really just a shortcut that points to the executables on LSAltiris.

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