Ansible Role Project 1

Step 1 – Create a role which has following specification.

  • Install a webserver httpd # use role/vars/
  • Add cond…httpd should be done only if RHEL.
  • Copy a index.j2 into /var/www/html # Use Template
  • Copy a httpd.j2 into /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and change the port from 80 to 8080 # Use Template
  • Write a handler for httpd.conf changes for restartting a httpd
  • Run one Shell Script
  • Whatever the outout of Shell Script should register into vars and display in index.html
  • Create one linux group called “deloitte” and user called “deploy”
  • index.j2 should have few fact vars, prompt vars, role/vars and inventory vars. All of them are duplicate but with
  • the same value.
  • Install a git, ntp and vim tools using ansible looping/iterators

Step 2 – Download a role fromm ansible galaxy which can install jdk in RHEL.

Step 3 – Call Both role from site.yaml

Step 4 – “Step 2” role is dependent on “Step 1”.

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