Ansible Role Project 1

Step 1 – Create a role which has following specification. Install a webserver httpd # use role/vars/ Add cond…httpd should be done only if RHEL. Copy a index.j2 into /var/www/html…

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Pointer for Excellent Essays

Strategy Planning is necessary to prospering in practically any sort of venture that you undertake. Spend some time to plan on exactly how to tackle your writing. Consider the primary…

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Questionnaire: Access your SCM Process in Project

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1…… General Assessment Questions. 2 1.1     Questions to analyze the development process description.. 2 1.2     Questions to characterize the project application.. 2 1.3     Questions to identify the supporting tools. 2 2…… Assessment on Configuration and Change…

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Types of Builds: Developers and Project

I like to say that there are really only two types of builds: ones that work and ones that don’t. Seriously, though, when you’re shipping a product, you should consider…

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BuildForge – Exporting projects using bfexport | BuildForge Guide

Location: BuildForge Home Dir – Platform To display command syntax, use bfexport with no options.  $ ./bfexport  Usage: bfexport -l  or:  bfexport [-c comment] [-f filename] [-g] [-s] [-L] [-n]…

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Project Object Model – What is POM?

What is POM A Project Object Model or POM is the fundamental unit of work in Maven. It is an XML file that contains information about the project and configuration…

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Ant : Ant-Contrib – Introduction and Installation Process/Guide

What is Ant-Contrib Tasks? The Ant-Contrib project provides a collection of tasks and types that extend Ant to work as a scripting language as well as a build tool. Many…

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