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Best Laravel Packages to create awesome Admin Panels & other functionalities.

Here i am going to discuss about most trending and awesome packages for Laravel Developers. with these packages, you can easily embed some cool features like captcha, breadcrumbs and increase site loading. for this, you have to follow their steps and easily each package will affect your webpages.

Let’s see these packages:

  1. SweetAlert for Bootstrap
  2. Faker
  3. Laravel Debugbar
  4. brian2694/laravel-toastr
  5. SEOTools – SEO Tools for Laravel and Lumen
  6. Laravel Meta Manager
  7. Socialite
  8. Laravel Page Cache
  9. Laravel Page Speed
  10. Eloquent-Sluggable
  12. Laravel user verification

There are thousands of packages also for developing laravel webpages awesome. but you have to check it yourself. for more packages, you can check out below URL and if you know any more cool packages then suggest us in the comment section.

Top 1,000 Laravel Packages

we are here to share with you the latest programming sources that can help you in an efficient way. so if you like our tutorial then share it with your friends also.

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